Unfolding is my digital capacity-building agency. It provides experiential engagements on a range of topics relating to emerging digital technologies and their impacts on places, business, society and human relations. It also employs a circular model whereby engagements with commercial clients pay for equivalent engagements with communities.

Unfolding’s workshops provide a space within which people can engage with a technology and its impacts, around the following four aspects:

  • the technology itself and what it can do;
  • the language used to talk about it;
  • understanding the main points of issue surrounding deployment and impacts;
  • practising open discussion around these points of issue.

Participants collaboratively explore and map this knowledge space during the workshops, and are able to apply this thinking in their work and lives.

Where possible participants get to actively play around with the technology and create their own instances of it.

Unfolding is concerned with building digital capacity within three distinct audiences: Leaders, Teams and Communities.

All workshops adhere to a common framework and model, but content varies depending on duration and the existing knowledge of the participants.

Clients can simply…

  1. Choose an audience.
  2. Choose a topic.
  3. Choose a duration.
  4. Choose a date.

You can find out more about Unfolding at this website.