dotSHF is the name of Sheffield’s “Digital Coalition”, and is the result of a collaboration between Sheffield Digital and Sheffield City Council. dotSHF is a network of people and organisations whose work contributes to the digital development of the city. The network uses a ‘domain model’ to identify areas in which digital technology is having an impact on citizens’ lives and then works to build relationships within and between those areas.

The broad domains the network uses are:

  • People
  • Living
  • Economy
  • Infrastructure
  • Resources
  • Mobility
  • Governance

And there are many sub-domains within these.

As well as bringing people and organisations together around these domains, it also works to make visible the work that is going on in these areas and the challenges the city is trying to address. This provides a means for people to educate themselves and engage with these initiatives, boosting innovation and increasing informed support.

You can find out more about dotSHF here.